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Less meetings.
meaningful work.

Reduce the number of inefficient meetings by improving your async communication with PingMi

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PingMi helps to empower internal & external communication

  • to make decisions faster

  • to minimize interruptions

  • to focus on work  (not talks)

  • to speed up the sales cycle

  • to build requirements

  • ​to provide a simple interface for your client

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With Team

With Client

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We automate what you use

Choose only the integrations that you really need. Set up in 15 minutes and customize it right for your team

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Start using PingMi in 15 min


"Don't worry that adding PingMi needs a lot of time. Nope. We do our best to integrate your current toolset. I will guide you with it :)


Empower your asynchronous communication, let your team be focused on work - at the same time keep hand on pulse."

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Stan, Founder of PingMi

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