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Fewer interruptions. More focus on work (not on talks)

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No need to follow up with your coworkers - PingMi helps to address questions at your team's optimal time.

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Your team ask question in Jira comments

Team writes questions in your workflow tools as usual 

PingMi priorities and sends questions to Manager

Right in Slack messages.

One by one, based on priority. 

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Manager answers right in Slack

No need to search info in mails, no need to switch contexts. Everything is already here, in PingMi

Answers go back to your team in Jira

PingMi automatically connects answers with the tool, where questions came from. No spam.

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Customize flow for your team

PingMi connects answers with the tool (where questions came from). Easy to set up flow for your team needs.

Start using PingMi in 15 min

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