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  • Integration Slack, Jira, Miro

  • Automated workflow for prioritization

  • Dashboard with real-time Jira synchronization

  • Auto reports for Stakeholders



  • One price forever for all PingMi Features!

  • 100% money back guarantee

  • Priority support from our team


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  • One price forever for all PingMi Features!

  • 100% money back guarantee

  • Priority support from our team

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We're going to launch PingMi in 3 months. But you get beta access right now.

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Where We're going to share weekly updates and screenshots of our progress. We'll keep you in the loop.

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6-month roadmap with schedule of target milestones including breakdown of features, which ones will be in the MVP, and later

Clear roadmap

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We’re going to prioritize your feature requests and integrations

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We are featured on ProductHunt!

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Hello from PingMi Team


Stan Voronov, 
CEO and co-founder

  • LinkedIn
  • 76-producthunt-512

I've been involved in IT projects in tons of communications with clients and the team. And even if the processes were built perfectly, bottlenecks in communications could destroy all delivery.

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Kate Rusalovich, 
Head of Product and co-founder

  • LinkedIn
  • 76-producthunt-512

I discussed these bottlenecks with 100  teams and we came to one recurring challenge: How to establish communication with stakeholders (boss, team, and client) such that it is convenient for all parties and there are no delays in the process?


Sergey Petrov, 
CTO and co-founder

  • LinkedIn
  • 76-producthunt-512

Based on our research, we came up with a PingMi. We made the first version of the design, showed it to the first users, and got excellent feedback. And now I’m almost done with MVP to try.

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