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How to Start?

  1. Set up integrations

To connect integration visit Connect Page in PingMi app.

2. Analyse insights in Raw insights

All feedback, requests and insights are landed in PingMi Raw insights. This is area to work with raw product data.

Run AI assist to analyze your data. Ask assist to form top asked features, or what to build next.

Link insights to prove the problem inside this product idea.

2.  Form & prioritize product ideas in Product area

Fill idea case and assign goal - in idea card. AI will generate summary (use it like a base to start).

Share idea card (no sign in needed, share in guest mode) to get feedback and notes from teammates and stakeholders.

      3.  Run AI assist

For insights and ideas (separate or in bulk) run AI assist to write epics or summary, generate problem-solution statement. Or write you custom request to analyse data (all in chat gpt style).

To generate user story for idea - open idea card (info page) and tap on User Story bottom. User story will be added into idea description field.

3. Get priority

Select idea (or ideas in bulk) and tap prioritize to start process

Choose prioritization framework ( now Impact - Effort and RICE are available)

Add teammates, specify what criteria to ask, and send via Slack, email or just copy guest link.

All prioritization links will be sent next day in the morning automatically. If you need to get feedback asap - tap Send now button.

No need to sign up in PigMi to vote for priority - all links are in guest mode.

Get score and all the breakdowns of criteria in idea card. View ideas sorted by score in Ideas backlog list.

4. Move to delivery

Create issue (epics, story, tasks, bug) right from PingMi (even in bulk) - all idea info will be also created in task tracker.

5. Plan and track in Planning area

Start ideas to dashboard to get overview of plan by quarters.


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