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Connect PingMi with Slack

Use PingMi's integration for Slack to preserve questions and ideas created in Slack and stay updated on updates in PingMi.

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How to Set up

You only need to add integration for Slack to your workspace:​

  • Go to the Connect page in PingMi app and switch on the toggle in Slack card to start integration for Slack.

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Send Slack messages to PingMi

Send questions and ideas right to PingMi database so they don't get lost:

  • Click  ⋮  next to any Slack message.

  • Select  Send message to PingMi  - to add questions to PingMi Open questions database

  • ​Select  Send Idea to PingMi  - to add Idea to PingMi Ideas backlog
  • You may need to select  More message shortcuts...  to find these options.

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Answer questions from PingMi database in Slack

Send questions and ideas right to PingMi database so they don't get lost:

  • Open chat with PingMi bot for Slack.

  • Select the question and click  Answer  

  • Write your answer to the question from PingMi database
  • Click  Send  

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Get Notifications in Slack

Set notifications in Slack to receive the latest updates from PingMi. Here's how:

  • Open the settings page for PingMi integration with Slack

  • Choose Send reports in Slack to receive reports about new questions and answers in PingMi database. 

  • Click  Send test  to receive test report.

  • Click  Save changes 

  • Choose Get questions from Jira in Slack to receive new questions from PingMi database and answer them right in Slack.

  • Click  Save changes 

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Get Help

If you need assistance or have questions about integration, please, contact us at

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