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Streamline your
product discovery

Easily collect and convert inconsistent product feedback into data-driven priorities

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AI co-pilot for your Product Discovery


Collect product feedback on the fly

Add raw insights, customer feedback and internal requests in one place

AI analysis

  • Divide insights by tags

  • Form product ideas based on insights

  • Group duplicates  

  • Write PRD

  • Write epics and user stories


Share ideas and vote for priorites

Get feedback from your team and Stakeholders to agree on priorities

Connect discovery with delivery

Create tickets in bulk with all context inside



Analyze data smarter and bring awesome ideas to life 10x faster

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Collect requests in one place

Capture all product feedback and requests from Sales, Customer support, collaboration and brainstorming tools on a fly.

Cluster product data

AI assist will form product insights, cluster product feedback and group it into bigger product ideas.

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Empower your priorities

Get feedback and vote for priorities in an async way. No more follow ups.

Share helicopter view 

Aligns teamwork and stakeholders' expectations around strategy.

Share what your stakeholders need.

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Sync your product roadmap with delivery

Connect product data with task trackers. Track progress status and share updates in a few cliks.

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Integrating PingMi into your workflow has never been so easy. Connect with your tools for customer service, user feedback, and project management. Set up all in 15 minutes.

Secured from the beginning

At PingMi, data privacy is our top priority, and we consistently implement industry best practices to ensure maximum security.


  • Data storage in the cloud

  • powered by OpenAI’s solutions

  • End-To-End Encryption

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Your complete product management tool

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