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One place to keep Q&As with client, boss, team

PingMi collects questions from your workflow tools, allows to share them to external stakeholders via a link, and builds a source of truth based on answers

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I managed to work in various IT product and service companies, both as a developer and as a manager.
And even if the team does its job perfectly, the processes are built according to Agile, and the deadlines are still moved. No matter how much we tried to set up processes, one unanswered question from the boss, another team, or a client could block all delivery.
Usually, the reason was that the questions were in different tools, they got lost and it was difficult to follow them.


We at PingMi decided to make an interface that would allow us to get answers to questions on time. At the same time, it was important to us that both the team and stakeholders used this in a familiar interface. Nobody wants another window 😉 

Stan, Founder of PingMi

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How does it work?

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Use your current tools set

Team writes questions in your workflow tools as usual (like comments in Jira, Slack channels, MS Teams, Miro or Figma)

Facilitate interaction with Stakeholders

PingMi grabs questions and sends them to Stakeholders based on customized rules. Track and ping to have answers on time

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Autogenerate source of truth

PingMi connects answers with the tool (where questions came from). Create one place to keep all project decisions. Allow Stakeholders to be engaged.

Be on the same page

Get reports in Messenger or Mail with an overview of project performance. Share report with Stakeholders

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Everything you need to speed up delivery

No change of workflow tools

Manage all Q&A in Slack or MS Teams, share by link

Answers come
on time

Remind Stakeholders and unblock the Team

Involve Stakeholders in the process

Easy interface to be on the same page 

Autogenerated source of Truth 

To keep and track all decisions in one place

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We automate what you use

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